Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cricket Goes Nationwide

Cricket Wireless keeps expanding and now their coverage includes roaming on most of the Sprint network. This new "Nationwide" service includes all their plans, with higher-priced plans offering more features. Prices start at $30 per month and that includes all the Unlimited Talk you want. Talk & Text starts at $40.

Cricket, part of Leap Wireless, has been expanding into many new markets of their own, but the inclusion of roaming on Sprint and a handful of smaller carriers, makes theirs a very useful wireless product. They offer good broadband service within their own coverage and they're a good substitute for the home land line.

Rumors keep flying that Cricket and Metro PCS might combine some day, but if this new roaming deal with Sprint works out, Cricket might not need Metro. Can Metro PCS pair up with a similar roaming partner, or can they also join up with Sprint and level out the merger sandbox?


Anonymous said...

The $30 plan does not include text. It is for talk only.

Oz Andrews said...

Thanks for the heads up! My oversight. The article has been corrected.