Wednesday, March 3, 2010

More UN-reaction

Monday, Sprint climbed onto their soap box and crowed "Our Unlimited is better than their Unlimited." A few weeks ago we panned Sprint for bringing a knife to a gun fight by not matching the other carriers' Unlimited Talk to any number at the $69.99 price level. Sprint hung their hat on the "Any Mobile Anytime" and stood their ground. They have a point.

Now that we have looked at the big players' Unlimited plans, we have seen way too many limitations for Unlimited service. You can have more features and better phones, but you'll pay for them. Sprint reminded us that their flavor of all-you-can-eat wireless includes everything but wireline numbers. You get all the Text, Web, and other goodies you'd like, and you get it with virtually all of Sprint's phones. It once was, "Who talks that much?", now it's "Who just talks?" For a large number of users, Sprint's Unlimited everything-but-wirelines fits much better.

There have been many examples of carriers hanging a great plan in the window of their store, but when you go in to buy, it's not what you hoped least not at the price you hoped for. Is it wait and switch?

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