Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sprint Gets More 3G Love

Watching all the Verizon Wireless TV commercials, you'd think AT&T was the 2nd place 3G contender, and a distant one at that. The real #2 spot belongs to Sprint, and, at least for the time being, they are a close 2nd. Sprint even has the ability to tout "4G" coverage in a handful of markets. The economy is holding back the top 2 carriers from expanding service any faster, while Sprint has made it a bigger commitment.

When updating our 3G Comparison Map Page, I found that most carriers had made some broadband progress, but not enough for their 3G maps to show it. The exceptions are T-Mobile and US Cellular. It doesn't look like much, but T-Mobile has made great strides, especially considering they are installing equipment for completely different frequency spectrum.

This situation is going to change quickly as the new 700 MHz, 2100 MHz and other spectrum goes online, which is expected to start before the end of this year. Ah yes, the day is coming when even most desktop computers will be connecting to the nearest cellular tower. Sprint, along with the help of Clear Wireless, is aiming at that target right now. Who needs wires?


William said...

Sprint's 3G network is actually pretty good, but it doesn't get much pub because Sprint is a distant third to the top two carriers. They have some good phones, and their network (plus roaming) is pretty reliable from my experiences. A lack of marketing seems to hurt them.

pranay said...

I think your 3G comparison page needs more attention.. At&t has tremendously expanded from where they were sometime back. You should perhaps update it!!! Its misleading


Scott W said...

Last week I went to each of the carriers' web sites and copied their "3G" coverage maps. I agree AT&T's map looks like it needs updating, especially while Verizon is taking shots at them. If anyone find a better AT&T national 3G map, send it along.