Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Unlimited Limitations

We have been following the "Unlimited Wars" and have seen some hurdles that makes the choice difficult. Choosing one of the flat-rate carriers like Cricket or MetroPCS has been pretty straightforward...Unlimited is their main business. It's the other Unlimited offers that give us concern. When Page Plus introduced Unlimited at $40, it added new challenges to their already overburdened customer service. So we looked at paying a few bucks more and recommended Straight Talk. At $45 they offered Unlimited Talk, Text, Web and 411 on the entire Verizon network. It was a good choice until last month they suspended online shopping for all but a few promotions. While they are available at some Wal-Marts, we can't find the selection we would hope for. What's a big talker to do now?

As much as it hurts cheapskates like us, we feel going up the to $50 level for Unlimited (almost)everything from Boost Mobile is a good choice. And, surprisingly, we also like the service that uses the Nextel network better than the Sprint network. They also have good customer service, and phones are available online.

If they serve your market, Cricket has improved their network, their roaming and their offers with the price of their Talk, Text, Web, 411 and more, at only $40. And Cricket's customer service is reachable. At least their phone rings. Sadly, the quality of all the choices seems to be changing weekly.

Cricket & Boost as top recommendations? Whoda thunkit! Then there's the rest of us who just don't talk/text/surf that much. Happiness is the status quo.


Faith Baptist Church said...

Actually, you can get Boost Mobile that uses Sprint as well as Nextel if you're into that sort of thing. This means that you can get unlimited, voice, text and EvDO data for $50 per month, or unlimited all-of-that plus BlackBerry e-mail for $60. Pretty cool, though the BB being sold is the first-gen Curve.

Brent Toone said...

Hey, there is a new player coming into the market. Nuevo Mobile or N-Mobile. www.nuevomobile.net Keep an eye on us, we will soon be the next big player!

Oz Andrews said...

Thanks for the heads up. I'm sure the web site is still under construction as the plans shown are incredibly expensive. $65 for 300 voice-only minutes is a bit steep. And what kind of technology is "CDMA/AMP?" Are you referring to "AMPS" which was analog, and was discontinued in 2008?

Best of luck. It will be nice to have another choice.