Friday, April 27, 2012

Too Many Carriers?

We're not saying there are too many wireless carriers in the US, we're saying there are more than we expected there would be at this time.  Several years ago we established a web page that listed all of the cellular carriers we review.  The list was a bit long but we figured it would slowly get shorter.  We were wrong. That's a good thing.

We discovered more carriers over time and, even though we lost some wireless names, we gained a few, too.  This meant that our idea of listing them all on one page just didn't work.  We recently divided the list into 5 bite-sized pieces with roughly 20 carriers per page.  This doesn't really affect the content of these pages, but they are now easier to read, and there's room to list all the carriers.  You might need to decide what letter of the alphabet you're looking for, but we've made it easy to jump from page to page, and you can still go from A to Z by clicking at the bottom of each page.

The primary benefit of working on these reports is that it keeps us up to date with these 100 or so carriers across the country.  It's how we found that Simmetry Wireless threw in the towel and that GCI Wireless in Alaska bought two of their competitors.  It would be a sad day if we eventually need fit all of the carriers on one short web page.  We're still supporting our ABC's.

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