Monday, April 30, 2012

US Cellular & Alltel Hook Up

US Cellular and Alltel have agreed to cooperate with the distribution of the "U" Prepaid service.  While this link up makes great business sense, it may also indicate the beginning of a more extensive relationship between two Top 10 wireless carriers.  Two wireless carriers with virtually no geographic overlap, compatible CDMA technology and a strong incentive to expand their operational area...what more could we ask for?

While this action should start the rumor mill, there have been a number of more serious combinations that just didn't happen: AT&T/T-Mobile, MetroPCS/Sprint, Cricket/MetroPCS.  So don't think this really needs to go farther than the "U"-turn it really is:  the evolution of what was once a very economical Prepaid wireless service.  One more, we might add, being marketed by Wal-Mart.

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