Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Cheap Data Plans

Last week we shared a few rock-bottom-priced Talk & Text plans that cost pocket change.  This week we searched for cheap Data plans.  To make a comparison we decided that frugal users can survive on 1Gb a month...because us cheapskates use lots of Wi-Fi.
  • $30/month will get you Unlimited Talk & Text plus 1Gb of high speed Data with Cricket Wireless and MetroPCS.  Boost Mobile will get you 2Gb at that price.  If you want access to Verizon's network, Page Plus offers 1Gb of Data and Unlimited Text with a limit of 1,500 Talk minutes.
  • FreedomPop, Tello and US Mobile, our Talk & Text low-price leaders, come in a little under $30, but taxes and fees can push that total back over.
  • There are some substantial price drops if you can get by with 500Mb (even FREE!).  Conversely, a few dollars more, say at $35/month, can get you quite a bit more Data...5Gb at Virgin Mobile.
  • The low-cost winner in our search is "Wi-Fi first" carrier, Republic Wireless.  They claim Unlimited Talk & Text + 1Gb Cellular Data for $20/month.  Their TOS states that taxes and "government-mandated fees" are extra.  Republic is now using the T-Mobile network for their cellular Data.
We realize the 1Gb limit is a bit arbitrary as the average data user consumes about 2Gb of data per month. As usual, our shopping trip is not exhaustive and is subject to change.  Note our disclaimer on these reviews.

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