Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Dirt Cheap Plans

As a wireless consumer advocate we get updates about (and use) some of the lowest-cost cellular plans.  Here is an update on some of these very low cost plans for ultra-low usage:

    FreedomPop gets the award for offering the most brazen offer: FREE wireless plans!  They hope you'll add one of their inexpensive add-on services, but you don't need to.  FreedomPop uses the Sprint and AT&T networks and you can bring your own GSM phone.
    T-Mobile still offers their $3 per month plan which gets you 30 minutes of Talk or 30 Texts.  With Auto-Pay they will refill your account if you need more at the same rate of .10 each.  Data passes are available if you really want it.

    US Mobile plans start at $4 per month which gets you 100 Texts OR 100 Mb of Data, you need to choose which.  Add $3 more (or $5 for Talk Only) and you can add 100 minutes of Talk.  US Mobile offers Auto-Pay on these plans and uses the T-Mobile network.
    Tello's plans start at $5 per month which gets you 100 minutes Talk AND 200 Texts.  For $4 more you get 200Mb of Data.  Tello uses the Sprint network.

    Page Plus offers $10 for 120 days which gives you a $2.50 per month plan.  You get a combination of 100 minutes Talk or 200 texts.  You'll use the Verizon Wireless network but with some some phone model restrictions, and there's the annoying 'drop dead' refill dates.
Yes, there are a few other very low-cost plans, but we have first-hand information on these.  Of course, these carriers also offer some great values for larger amounts of usage.  Surprisingly, Republic Wireless, a 'Wi-Fi first' carrier, has increased their prices to where they are no longer among the cheapest providers.

We keep track of some of the cheapest plans and carriers at MountainPrepaid.  Coming soon: the Cheapest Data plans.


Unknown said...

Freedompop has also added a BYOD sim for the AT&T network.

Oz Andrews said...

Right you are! I have added that to the article as well as that they let you Bring Your Own Device.