Friday, January 27, 2017

Fi's Cheap Data Plan

In our last article about the cheapest data plans, we named Republic Wireless as the low-cost data plan winner.  There was much discussion about one more plan that should be reviewed, but most of our editorial contributors weren't comfortable about including Google Fi.  Google Fi uses a different wireless model in that not only do you pay for data per Gb, but you also get back some of your payment if you don't use it all.

The limits that make some people uncomfortable are the fact that calls are completed through broadband and that you need to use their own Fi-compatible phones.  With the addition of the Pixel phone to the line of Fi handsets, the phone selection becomes less of a drawback.  And, since I have been using Google broadband functions (apps) for calls while roaming outside the US, I'm fairly comfortable that the process works well.  It may even be the future of wireless.

Another point in Fi's favor is that T-Mobile, one of the 3 cellular networks used for broadband connections, has improved their coverage significantly.  However, at $30 (+ tax) for service with 1Gb data, the only way Google Fi becomes a lower-priced option is when you actually use less than your 1Gb allotment and get the refund.  Most of us with 1Gb plans may very well not use that much data.  If you need to add another 1 Gb of data, the price goes way above the other offers.  What I like is the international access of the plan.  What other users dislike is the call quality on Wi-Fi...but that can be bypassed.  Google Fi is a good choice, but not the best one for us bottom-feeders.

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