Monday, January 23, 2017

Fake News? Why Didn't We Think of That?

We may be sloppy in not quoting all our sources and we might have missed some details when making our opinionated blasts, but we never thought about just making up stories.  It could be we're just not that creative...or that credible.  We need to make sure you know that what we report in this, and all other Mountain Wireless web sites, has some basis in fact.  We truly believe what we're rambling about is true.

Of course it needs to be relevant, who comes here to talk about potatoes?  More than a few times we have stepped out of the facts to insert our opinion, but it is usually preceded by the terms, "We think," or "We believe," or the like.  No, our take is never fake.  But if we say something is so and there isn't a link to back it up, we need to fix it up.  If we don't, it's a screw-up, not a cover-up.  Long live the 'Noise.'


Oz Andrews said...

You are correct. The erroneous part of our report are the words, "Sprint has announced..." The Re/Code article quoted "sources" without much qualification. Fortunately, our site includes "rumors" that, at the time of the article, were credible. The "downgrade" in our Reviews is not based just on the cell site rumor, but on the general cost-cutting and the lack of new full-power cell sites. But it isn't "Fake News".

And rumors still fly: T-Mobile to buy Sprint...Sprint to buy T-Mobile...Dish to buy Sprint. Much will be known when the new administration takes their position on mergers & acquisions, and after the current spectrum auction concludes.

We have removed the "cell site" rumors from some of our reviews, however, I see they still show on a few other pages. Yes, they should come off. We have had an internal disagreement whether we should review the top 4 carriers at all since anything we say adds little to what wireless users already know. Until there is agreement, nothing gets changed. I'll try to push this to the next step.

Anonymous said...

Fair enough. Thank you for replying.