Tuesday, March 4, 2008

We're Now More GSM-Friendly

Mountain Wireless has been on top of the current Preferred Roaming Lists for the larger carriers, but those are all CDMA. Someone recently asked, "what about GSM?" Good Question. So we have added more data for GSM phones and we'll see if we can keep it updated.

First, we added a current MNC (Mobile Number Code) List which evolves as GSM carriers come and go. And we have the MNC Priority List for AT&T which is found on active AT&T SIM's. We hope to add to the list, but let it not be said we aren't GSM-friendly.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see see the list exists now. to add to the list 311-260 is CellularONE of San Luis Obispo launched in the fall of 2006

Oz Andrews said...

Thanks for the C1-SLO code, Benjamin! The list has been expanded to include some updated system names and to add Canada and Mexico. We're still looking for those 4 other new assignments in the 311-260 to 311-320 range.