Monday, September 29, 2008

Cricket and Metro PCS Play Nice Again

Leap Wireless, the parent company of Cricket Wireless, is again talking nicely to their flat-rate twin, Metro PCS. While we hate to lose any cellular carriers though consolidation, the combination of Cricket Wireless and Metro PCS makes a lot of sense. The two have similar products and customers and complimentary networks. And now they have buried their differences and signed an agreement with each other for reciprocal roaming, spectrum exchanges and to end their legal differences. Could a merger be on the horizon?

The roaming agreements mean that even though the two haven't merged, their phones will act like they have, and should give each others' customers a lot more territory to enjoy their flavor of Unlimited services, and makes each others' plans that much more valuable. More spectrum means more data services available from both.

Cricket's $35 plan offers free roaming "in every Cricket market", and we would hope that will soon include every Metro PCS market as well...and vice versa. An affordable all-you-can-eat buffet! Don't over stuff yourself.

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carmen said...

I recently changed provider, from cricket to boost because cricket does not offer unlimited roaming as you have said it offers. Someone from customer service said to me that in the FUTURE they would have unlimited roaming, but for now, there is no unlimited roaming. My problem was that cricket phone was roaming in my house but not outside. But I do miss being with cricket, maybe until they have unlimited roaming I will change. Oh! one more thing, I transfered my number to boost and cricket is charging me $112.00dlls....Thank You.