Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Number Love

Like a lot of wireless users, it was important for me to have a "good" number. My first wireless number was ended with "4500." That was da bomb until I received more than my share of erroneous calls made to a business with a similar number. A subsequent change of carriers enabled me to make a few 'adjustments,' and a lesser number was good enough. But it was personal numeric ID. I could see how happy a large number of users were when they were able to move their numbers from one carrier to another through Wireless Number Portability.

But there's a difference between a familar number and a good number. I actually liked having at least one phone with a forgettable number to share with nosy restaurant clerks and Radio Shack employees. But I recently activated a prepaid phone just because I had a SIM laying around and the number automatically assigned to this phone was top shelf. Like a knockout of a woman who strolls across the room to talk to you, this number had beauty written all over it. What a shame for a phone used for a handful of text messages to have this great a handle. To be, or not to be...ported to one of our "better" phones. Maybe it's time to test out the porting process first-hand.

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