Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sprint is 'Ready Now' to Catch Up

Earlier this week we were refining the Mountain Wireless Ratings Page and noted that Sprint/Nextel is still one of just a few carriers with below average customer service. As if they were listening to us, Sprint announced a new "Ready Now" program this week which involves teaching employees at Sprint stores to sit down with a customer and explain the use and features of their new phone. This is a good example of playing catch up...Sprint should have been doing this all along.

Sprint is watching their customers leave in droves and we know it's not the network, it's how they're being treated. That won't be improved by a lecture at the store. It will be improved with better customer service internally. They need agents who are empowered to solve problems on the first call, and who are supported enough to actually want to help their customers. All carriers say they want to improve their customer service, but it can't be done with pay scales that are too low to keep quality people, and it can't be done without incentives to do whatever it takes to keep paying customers.

Sprint has some great new phones, and they have a good-performing network, but they have run out of feet to shoot themselves in.

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