Friday, September 19, 2008

Welcome to Alaska

For reasons we won't detail today, we finally added Alaska to our Cellular Reviews. Not only is it still America's frontier, it's a cellular frontier with cellular systems that charge for anything extra, are still analog, or that don't allow automatic roaming. It was a real surprise to find a downloadable form we could fill out to apply for permission to roam on one system, and that was only in analog. A few systems are charging some real bucks and I fear it's their way or no way. Fortunately, those are the exception and not the rule.

Except for AT&T, all the cellular operators in Alaska are independent. Even AT&T didn't want to be there and sold their assets to Dobson Cellular a few years ago, only to get stuck with them again when they bought Dobson. Fortunately for roamers, coverage for both CDMA and GSM phones is good along most roads.

The last time I was there I think there was one cellular tower. How did we survive?

Oh, we also added Wisconsin to the State Reviews and immediately stirred up some interest. I guess Packers fans really are extremists!

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