Tuesday, September 9, 2008

September Web Site Updates

When this page isn't being updated we're either roaming or updating some of our web pages. Scott and I have added some new maps at The Cellular Map Source. First, we reflected the takeover of Unicel (Rural Cellular) by Verizon Wireless in our Regional 850 MHz Cellular License Maps. Several markets are still in the hands of Unicel until they can be sold to another company, so most Unicel markets are still shown under that name. And Unicel customers can sit and wait a little longer. Hellooo...are you listening US Cellular?

We also posted a new 3g Coverage Comparison Maps for Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. The maps were created by Verizon who has a lot to brag about, so keep that in mind. We also finally posted a new Metro PCS "National" map. We have some new Unlimited plans posted, including several new Unlimited "Family" plans. Also, corolada.com turned over to us their Alltel Back Door Voice Mail Numbers list. Don't confuse them with the new Cellular Back Door retail site, which provides sites like ours all our phone and service discount links.

We also transferred over all the PRL, SID and MNC pages over to a new site, The Roaming Zone, which contains the familiar roaming lists along with additional roaming advice. Look there for updated data, but the older links will still work at Mountain Wireless. I'm going to take nap...

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