Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A 20% Price Cut!

T-Mobile has joined the likes of Cricket Wireless and MetroPCS with "No added Taxes or Fees."  Some of us responded with a shrug but many others are quite impressed with what amounts to as much as a 20% price decrease.  Money magazine noted, "Washington (18.8%), Nebraska (18.7%), and New York top the list of states where consumers pay the most in taxes and fees, while Oregon (1.8%), Nevada (2.1%) and Idaho are among the states that offer the lowest..."  In another article they reveal there are 8 potential charges, some beyond taxes, that can appear in our wireless bill.  These can be called "federally-mandated" but are not required to be passed along to the consumer, they just do.

For some of us, "No Added Taxes or Fees"  looks like a tiny 1 or 2% discount, but others should be jumping up and down.  Also, all of us should hope this 'No Fee' wall survives whatever new charges might be applied by various government and non-government entities in the future.  Fortunately, it looks like none of us are paying more to subsidize the highly-taxed areas of the country.

It's a trend we hope spreads to more carriers, however, it may mean they'll find new ways to extract money from us, like higher phone prices, activation charges and new plans with fewer benefits.  I'm sticking with the Cheap Plans and hope for the best.

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