Friday, February 10, 2017

Happy Feet: the T-Mobile & Verizon Foot Race

A new report from Open Signal on the "State of Mobile Networks" shows that T-Mobile has not only caught up with Verizon Wireless in data download speeds, they beat them in some markets.  Fortunately for us, all 4 top cellular networks have made noticeable improvements in download rates.  T-Mobile's aggressive addition of 700 MHz spectrum has contributed much to their network upgrades, however, there are still a number of markets where they don't have this new "Extended" coverage.  This could change either with more spectrum acquisitions, or T-Mobile's success in the current 600 MHz spectrum auction.

These numbers will contribute to the 2 carriers' bragging rights as much as make true improvements available to users.  So let the boasting begin.  It's is a foot race where the leader just noticed another runner catching up...and faster is better for all of us.

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