Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Limits of Unlimited

The Unlimited wireless fracas is underway.  Each carrier touts their own version of all-you-can-eat wireless as best, but they all have limits to their Unlimiteds.  Each carrier "throttles", which we feel is fair as long as it is used only at truly congested times (who's gonna check this?).  Then there are the conditions like Auto-Pay, with one carrier charging extra if your Auto-Pay is linked to a credit card instead of a checking account.  Some allow hot spots, some don't.

As predicted, Sprint has revived their $50 unlimited plan.  Each carrier also supports substantial discounts for multi-phone users.  Watch out at check out for those pesky taxes and fees.  T-Mobile claims "No Taxes and Fees," as do some of the Prepaid carriers.  AT&T still offers Unlimited to wireless customers who sign up for DirectTV.  Let's see how long that lasts.  Whoops, at 4PM ET today, AT&T changed their minds and have eliminated that requirement!  Some of these other Unlimited limitations may go away just as fast, as consumers see the hoops they need to jump through, and the real price they need to pay.

One of the undesired results of making any amount of unlimited available,. is that we'll get spoiled.  3G was enough a few years ago, now we can't live without 4G.  Any kind of video in our pocket was a great novelty, now it has to be HD.  Hold your breath when the family travels off-network or out of the country.  You may need to actually talk to them when they can't access last night's video on demand.  Yes, it's your Dad here, telling you too much sugar isn't good for you.

Fortunately, Wireless Noise has your back.  We know the best Alternatives to Unlimited, and the cheapest Data plans.

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