Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Hello Tello Plus 50% Off

I got an email this morning from Tello telling us they're increasing their incentive for Ring Plus customers from 30% off to 50% off (Coupon Code RINGPLUS50).  You can also bring over your Ring Plus phone.  Tello has been catching notice by offering plans starting at $5 a month, with their next price level at $9 which gives you a little more Talk, Text and Data.  We posted the step-by-step process if you want to port from Ring Plus to Tello.

Over at FreedomPop I'm guessing they can't cut their price any cheaper than FREE, but they are offering refurbished phones today which would interest some of us whether we're escaping from Ring Plus or not.

This very same scenario happened about one year ago when PTel gave up their business and their customers were courted by several prepaid players with the winner at that time, Ting, who eventually lost a bunch of those PTel refugees when their free offer was over.  This year, there's no free lunch, but there's a better chance of finding a new home that will keep prices at a predictable level.  Oh, yes, we have an advertising relationship with both of these carriers but we did not get paid for this post.

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