Friday, February 3, 2017

Straight Talk or Total Wireless?

Straight Talk has been one of our top-rated prepaid carriers.  Some Straight Talk users whose phones use the Verizon Wireless network wonder if they can save over $10 a month by switching to Total Wireless since both use the same network.  Let's compare.

Both Straight Talk and Total are operated by TracFone which is owned by America Movil.  Both are sold at Walmart and online at Mountain Prepaid. Both operate on the Verizon Wireless network, although Straight Talk also has versions that utilize other networks. While both claim coverage is  limited to the Verizon network, Straight Talk phones can also roam onto other CDMA systems, which may be a significant difference.  For their lowest price, both give you Unlimited Talk & Text plus 5Gb of Data, but it appears Total just flat out stops after that, where Straight Talk throttles your data speed down to 2G, so they can claim it's "Unlimited".

The big difference is the price.  Straight Talk charges $44 with Auto-Payplus tax and Total Wireless actually charges $33.20 with Auto-Pay, plus tax.  You're looking at an almost $11 difference.  Is it worth it?  Even if you go over the 5Gb limit, the best deal is Total, because for $10 you can add another 3 GB of data and, as long as you maintain your account, that extra data doesn't expire until it's all used up.  The coverage difference?  How often are you actually out of Verizon coverage?  Hello, southeast Oklahoma?

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