Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Best of 2007

Like all the other wireless media, we feel compelled to choose the most important story of last year. I hope our choice is unique. We chose the software-based cellular base station technology chosen by Mid-Tex Cellular who can now switch from GSM to CDMA almost with the click of a mouse.

In a story we reported in November, Vanu Inc, run by a member of the Bose family, has developed several innovations for the cellular industry that includes software-based technology that allows carriers to change their service without changing their cell site equipment, and "femtocells" which provides both GSM and CDMA cell service on several cellular bands (700, 850 and 1900 MHz) in a unit that can serve a small building such as a customer's house.

As usual, we take the position that anything that helps expand coverage is a good thing.

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