Monday, January 14, 2008

Countdown to the Analog Sunset

There are three developments to report as we approach the cellular analog sunset, scheduled for 2/18/2008. First, there is word that a preliminary Alltel PRL has appeared (in Utah) with some analog roaming entries missing. This means you might want to download the latest PRL from your CDMA carrier in the event that a new PRL download in the near future may exclude analog roaming partners that still may be useful to you.

Also, Alltel has announced their analog and TDMA turndown in three phases based on market with March, June and September deadlines. This is changed from their "wait and see" attitude announced earlier.

Third is the realization that when analog channels are indeed discontinued, an analog-only phone will not only not make normal calls, it won't be able to access 911, either. This is different from other phones that are deactivated but can still call 911. When the analog channels are gone, there's nothing for that phone to connect to. Yes, that phone will be deader than a door-nail, a big paperweight, or a battery-pollution problem headed for a landfill near you.

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