Monday, January 7, 2008

US Cellular Expands!

One of the questions that crosses our screen after every announced cellular merger is, "who's next?" It looks like it won't be US Cellular. According to our neighbors over at RCR News, US Cellular has purchased some PCS spectrum from an "unnamed wireless carrier" in 8 markets in 4 states for $13.1 Million.

While this new spectrum could just be used for additional capacity in current markets, it's still great to see them expand, and be bold enough to actually build this new coverage, not just take over existing sites. US Cellular did buy a chunk of spectrum in the 2006 AWS auction, 17 licenses for $180 Million, so this latest purchase reinforces that move as well. They are high on our list of
favorable carriers with good coverage and good customer service.

I actually roamed on US Cellular this past week. It gave me a warm fuzzy feeling knowing they were there and at the top of my wireless provider's
Preferred Roaming List.

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