Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Carriers Get Hit With Class Action Suits

This week Verizon Wireless was hit with a class action suit on their Early Termination Fees (ETF). We don't know if this ball got rolling before or after they began pro-rating their ETF's. The most common termination situation was when a customer was unable to get service in a new location or lost service where it once worked. When that customer switched to another carrier out of necessity, Verizon said, "too bad", and charged the ETF, around $175.

T-Mobile also has the legal dogs on their tails, but in this case, they are being charged with forcing customers to maintain Text Messaging services that caused users to receive unwanted messages and incurring incoming message charges. In the suit, T-Mobile is being charged with not permitting customers to disable their Text Messaging. Most major carriers allow this.

Additionally, the Attorney General of South Dakota has asked cellular users there to look for unauthorized charged for such services on their bills. It looks like he's going to start his own "class." It's nice to get the carriers to clean up their act, but don't expect much money back. My last class action remedy got me a hands free earpiece that doesn't work with my phone, and a $10 credit that won't appear on my bill for 2 years. I bet the lawyers made out a little better.

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