Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Holiday Deals Aren't Over Yet!

As usual, we, as consumers, are fairly predictable. Each year after Christmas, there is a surge in buying toys for ourselves that weren't under the Christmas tree. The wireless stores know this and over the last few years have extended their holiday promotions to take advantage of this selfish phase of our gift-buying frenzy.

This is your heads-up to grab one of these deals while you can. They soon will go away. The date is uncertain, possibly as soon as the start of the "normal" work week, like Monday, January 7th. Historically, these specials don't last too far into January, and just the mention of a promotion's end date gets many buyers off the fence to make that purchase.

How many times have you wished you took advantage of a deal that you thought would last a lot longer? Well, now's the time. The reason we won't see too many promotions over the next few months is because cellular purchases drop to very low levels no matter what. So that is the time the cellular retailers establish their "regular" prices, so that later in the year their special prices will look that much better.

There will be exceptions. Products that are late in their life-cycle (after maybe a year on the market) get reduced, and there are stores who want to clear out the really slow sellers, especially stores who are going out of business like CompUSA. Also, if business drops more than expected, say, with inflation fears, maybe deals will re-appear.

But if you've been thinking of grabbing a deal over the next few months, nope, now is the time. Oh, and this might be a good time to make the pitch for our own online discounts. If there's a better deal available by buying online, you'll find it there.

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