Monday, January 21, 2008

Sprint/Nextel Continues to Slide

The bad news just keeps coming for Sprint/Nextel. The last quarter of the year is the most important in the cellular business, and Sprint's was bad. Their financial wrap-up of the quarter showed a loss of customers, which continues a trend from earlier in the year. Unfortunately, this leads to "Streamlining Operations" which means 4,000 of our friends in the company will be laid off, and 125 of their stores will be closed.

The Sprint/Nextel execs saw this coming, but we can't see what they tried to do to stop customers from leaving. It looked like more of the same. Of course, nothing would attract more attention than good ol' price cuts, but I guess they'd rather set themselves on fire than cut. Now they need to slash.

We tried to help with several suggestions in previous articles, but they just didn't listen. If logic prevailed, we would be excited to see what they might do next, but it looks like they hope "streamlining" will solve their problems. Come on guys, T-Mobile had a "weaker" network, but keeps growing because they found a way to excite's call low prices. It's the same reason Wal-Mart had a good 4th quarter, and other stores didn't.

As we reported last month, most of their problem is with their image. Now it's time to offer their great network at a great price. We can dream can't we?

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