Monday, June 30, 2008

Alltel Keeps Getting Better

We have been holding back our commentary on the coming Alltel/Verizon merger, partly because it's hard to be objective...we really feel bad about losing Alltel. But Alltel keeps making their product that much more desirable, and that much harder to give up. Today they added Unlimited Texting to their already generous "My Circle" plans, the next best thing to a full Unlimited plan. This is on top of their utilization of "Rev. A" technology, which actually puts them ahead of their suitor, Verizon Wireless.

This encourages us to recommend Alltel even more, and with a 2-year commitment, you'll probably hold on to these advantages for the extent of that contract. There is always the possibility that the merger won't happen, or at least won't happen as quickly as Verizon hopes. It also leads us to wonder what would happen if the deal gets delayed enough that approval may need to pass through a new, Democrat-dominated federal government...either the presidency or Congress. That may have influenced the timing of the application. But these wonderful companies wouldn't play that kind of game....would they?

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