Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Driving & Talking

There is a movement to restrict the use of cellular handsets while driving. 6 states have banned the practice, and studies show teenagers are ignoring rules that restrict their use of wireless devices. Today, the federal government decided NOT to require car manufacturers to install an interlock that keeps built-in cellular phones from working while the car was in motion. While "distracted driving" is an increasing concern, most of us aren't willing to give up talking on our phone just because we're on the road.

Mountain Wireless wants to do our part and implant 3 very important thoughts into your head:
1) Never write, send or read Text Messages or email while driving.
2) Avoid using the phone in congested areas. Wait until traffic is moving more freely.
3) Get a 'hands free' headset for your phone. It's required in some places, and if you don't have one, we've made it cheap and easy to get one on our accessories page.

Don't be the driver who contributes to making Driving & Talking illegal, and also set a good example for younger users...they'll be talking even more than we did here in the "good 'ol days".

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