Thursday, June 19, 2008

You Can't Press 2 for English

Today, we are readjusting our calling habits, and our budget, to go back to using our stateside phones for calls both into and out of Mexico. Even though we thought it was handy to have English language prompts on our TelCel “Amigo” account, not everything is in English.

Every TelCel call is preceded by a “sales pitch” in Spanish which is annoying whether you know Spanish or not. And any informational message, like “you do not have enough minutes left in your account to make this call” are also only in Spanish. What’s really irritating is that in the US, every network prompt is available in Spanish, while in Mexico, only a few messages are available in English and only on TelCel. At least Movistar has not provided any English-speaking assistance, so far.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel we “deserve” any better treatment just because we are English-speaking tourists, but because the American carriers have been so accommodating to Spanish-speaking customers, it makes me feel like I should expect reciprocal treatment. However, I will feel different from now on when I hear, "para espanial, marque dos".

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