Saturday, June 21, 2008

Verizon Wins, Vermont Loses

Back to Domestic Issues. It looks like the Department of Justice has responded to Vermont's objection to Verizon Wireless taking over the Unicel network in that state. We reported on this last December, and while we're sad to see Unicel disappear, we thought wireless service could indeed improve for Vermont residents with Verizon. It appears Vermont lawmakers mostly wanted to maintain the status quo, but there's no way the feds would refuse Unicel from selling their Vermont assets.

Instead, the DOJ has decided Verizon can buy the Unicel areas as long as they spin off everything in the state of Vermont, a couple of markets in Washington state, and one in New York. While this is good news for Verizon who won't need to further confront the Vermont politicos, it still leaves a void in New England that Verizon would love to fill.

However, the biggest losers may be Vermont wireless users. Of course it depends on who Verizon decides to sell the properties to, AT&T first comes to mind, but they could end up with service that is less desirable than Unicel's...they were good. Have you noticed that every time local politicians try to mess with wireless things rarely improve?

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Anonymous said...

I have an iphone with AT&T and a house in Wilmington. I get "NO SERVICE" unless I'm on a two block section of town, or drive into Bennington. This deal can't make service any worse.