Monday, June 23, 2008

Verizon Is Pushing More PRL's

Many savvy users have been able to pick & choose which PRL (Preferred Roaming list) gets loaded into their CDMA phone. The procedure was to check the latest List of PRL's and then either allow the PRL download (by pressing *228, or other means) or ignore it. Over a year ago Verizon Wireless began to force PRL updates, normally only to customers who made account changes.

Now some Verizon customers report even more of these updates are being forcibly downloaded to users with certain phone models without the customer's knowledge. This was an expected step and we are looking toward more such updates in the future. GSM users have normally had these updates (to the "MNC") "pushed" to their handsets so this isn't a unique event among wireless users. Knowing how beneficial PRL and MNC updates are to the carriers, we're surprised it hasn't happened sooner.

Sprint formerly "suggested" customers manually update their PRL and only in areas affected by any changes. We expect these capabilities to eventually be possible with all CDMA carriers. While this will limit how easily we can "choose" our PRL, it doesn't diminish our desire to know which carrier our phone will use while roaming. We expect lots of PRL changes over the next year, and change is good, right?

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Anonymous said...

I'm suprised this hasn't occurred sooner. I would update my PRL regularly but my colleagues didn't and would have zero bars in a partners area and I'd have 3 or more. I would tell them to *228 before going on a business trip. Instead when they returned they would go to the store to get their phones "fixed". I'm sure that was drain on Verizon resources.