Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Add US Cellular to the Unlimited List

Whew! It's good to see US Cellular jump on the lower Unlimited Plans bandwagon. It may not help their bottom line, but it keeps them in the game and that makes us happy. US Cellular is a great competitor and we like their alternatives to the other carriers. While Free incoming calls is of less value in the face of now more desirable unlimited plans, they are still the leader in family plan pricing for 3 lines and more. They only add $50 for each member after the first 2. US Cellular customers still get free roaming and don't overlook their free battery exchange.

Sprint appears to want to keep hanging their hat on their "Any Mobile Any Time" plan at the same $70 price point, hoping that nobody cares that calls to land lines and calls while roaming off the Sprint network are not included. C'Mon guys, just toss in Free Texts and you're golden!

Follow the changes on our Unlimited Plan Comparison Page.

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