Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More Unlimited Changes

It was just a few days ago we updated the look and data of our Unlimited Plans Page, when more changes appeared, not all of them good. Cricket's $25 plan is no longer available except in a few markets where the competition forces them to keep that price (Hello Texas!). MetroPCS no longer offers their $30 Unlimited plan, however, they have improved their $40 plan again. Now it includes all taxes and fees. We expected these cheaper plans to disappear after the holidays.

The good news? NET10 has dropped their Unlimited plan from $80 to $50 (thanks, William). For now, it's only available at retail stores (Target) and not online. NET10 phones are still GSM only.

We're still expecting something from Sprint's Virgin Mobile brand. Last week Sprint added CDMA phones to the Boost Unlimited offerings using the Sprint PCS network, without the PTT function.

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