Friday, January 15, 2010

Sprint Tries to Match Verizon

As expected, Sprint tried to "match" the new Verizon Wireless Unlimited plans. Verizon's price for Unlimited Voice, Text and Data drops to $100, and Sprint makes an issue of the fact that they now offer it all at that price, too. But they already did.

Sprint needs to drop their prices instead of playing the same old song. Verizon has fired the first shot of a potential price war, and Sprint responds with a press release. Maybe we don't understand their reaction, but they will need to make some cuts. You can bet wireless marketing offices are buzzing like beehives today, and they have Verizon to thank for cutting into their holiday weekend. OK, who's next?


William said...

It's time for both Sprint and At&t to drop their unlimited prices. Sprint continues to rebuild, and At&t is on the heels of Verizon in terms of subscribers. The iPhone may have already peaked, but if At&t drops their unlimited everything prices a bit, they can squeeze a little more money from the iPhone (and their other smartphones as well).

William said...

I see that as of today, At&t had announced new unlimited pricing. Sadly, their pricing isn't very revolutionary or groundbreaking (and neither is Verizon's for that matter).

David said...

I agree Sprint should, and probably will, drop their price below that of Verizon. It seems as if they were caught with their pants down and had no clue Verizon was going to drop their price.
I wouldn't be suprised to see an $89 all inclusive price point offering from Sprint in the near future.