Saturday, January 9, 2010

Following The Rules

A month ago the Federal Trade Commission started requiring bloggers to disclose if they are receiving compensation from advertisers for their endorsements. This applies to all of us here at the 'Noise, so I thought I would address the issue. We don't get one red cent for any of our opinions or endorsements here.

The FTC released their guidelines and we think the requirements are pretty simple and, dare I say, logical. Yes, we get revenue from advertisers, but not for our opinions. We are known for panning the carriers as much as "endorsing " them. We still call it as we see it.

From time to time carriers let us know our opinion is off-base, and we let them use this space to tell their side of the story...for free! Maybe some day, one of us will be put in the awkward position of deciding whether to follow the path of righteousness...or grab that free Smart phone and run. We can dream, right?

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