Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tennessee Carrier Reviews

Unless you live in the Volunteer State, there isn't much interest in Tennessee cellular service. With the addition of our Mountain Wireless Tennessee Cellular Reviews the big news is that with this state, we have finally completed our carrier reviews for all 50 states. It's a big deal to us, and to those living in the area.

We started these reviews almost 10 years ago, and Tennessee certainly wasn't the hardest place to review, but quite often we added a state after the contribution of a knowledgeable local who knew which carriers served their state and how well. We salute those contributors, some of whom have slipped into the unknown. If you know of a carrier we missed, let us know. Some of them just change their name.

There have been a few difficult choices as to which carriers to include in a state. Like in Tennessee, Alltel now only serves one county, and the network in that area will soon be turned over to AT&T. Should we include them? We do. Or how about those carriers that have 1 or 2 cell sites just over the state line from their home area? We include them too. Sadly, some larger carriers don't offer a unique enough service that justifies a state-specific review for them. We do, however, provide carrier-specific reviews in the "general observations" entry at the top of the pages where we have enough opinion supplied for that state. I think it's time to update our Hawaii Reviews...personally!

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