Monday, January 30, 2017

Sprint's $50 Unlimited Plan

Sprint's $50 sale isn't particularly earthshaking, but it is indicative of the state of Sprint and wireless pricing in general.  Unlimited Data, Talk & Text from Sprint for only $50 is actually what we need from Sprint.  Sprint's network isn't getting any worse, but the competition, particularly T-Mobile, is getting better.  Other carriers are getting lots of buzz when they do something worth talking about. Sprint needs to create a buzz of their own, and a snazzy price promotion is a nice way to do it.

Sprint's $50 Unlimited plan will be available until midnight tomorrow (Tuesday 1/31) night, and it's only effective for a couple of months, but if it brings lots of people in the door, we might see it again...and maybe from other carriers.  (We did not get paid for this article but there are commissionable links to Sprint on this page).


Open Mobile PR said...

The promotional pricing runs until 3/31/2018. Since when did over a YEAR become "a couple of months"???

Oz Andrews said...

I reviewed the article from another news source and it indeed says, "after March 31st..." but the year was indicated elsewhere. It was indeed an oversight on our part. Now that the promotion is over ("end of the month" turned out to mean Eastern Time), the response we saw was not great, as a matter of fact, interest in Sprint dropped over the last 2 days. Go figure.