Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The "Best" Cellular Phone

Over the years, Consumer Reports has improved the way they compare cellular phones and service. In their January, 2009 issue, their results matched our own Carrier Reviews almost perfectly. We rarely look at specific phone models, but we thought we would mention the top-rated phones as reported in their magazine.

The model with the absolute highest score was the Samsung BlackJack II from AT&T. This is a great Smart Phone that is comes in at Number 1 on a list that rates the Apple iPhone 3G only at #10! And let me note that the Blackjack II is currently $80 at AT&T, but you can get it FREE at our cellular retail affiliate, Wirefly! As you know, the "Best" phone is different with each carrier: Verizon's Top-rated phone was the LG Dare, T-Mobile's was the Motorola ROKR E8, Sprint's was the Sanyo Katana Eclipse and AT&T's Top non-Smart Phone was the Pantech Breeze. We would like to add each "Top" phone is only a few points higher than the next few below it.

Most of the top phones have some kind of a "touch" screen. Yes, the pendulum has swung the other way: "flip" phones are now preferred less than "bar" phones. And while all the manufacturers have been looking for an iPhone "killer", Consumer Reports says it's already killed.

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