Friday, January 16, 2009

Vote American Idol & Get SPAM

AT&T sent a Text Message recently to about 3% of their wireless customers advertising the upcoming season of American Idol. The recipients were mostly those who voted in previous Idol competitions, but also included "heavy texters" and a few others. Except those who truly feared they might miss the next round of bad-singing Idol applicants, this was considered rude by those who got the no-charge text, and many thought it was illegal, like it is in Europe. It's not.

Some cellular carriers, most notably Verizon Wireless, have been fighting to prevent SPAM from arriving on their customers' phones, but AT&T turns out to be the originator of one of the largest SPAM events of all-time. Will AT&T take heed, or is it a view of things to come? A vote for your favorite American Idol is a vote for SPAM!

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