Thursday, January 15, 2009

Verizon Must Divest Carefully

We have heard of, and from, several Alltel customers who either want to become customers of Verizon Wireless, or prefer to stay with Alltel in the hopes of keeping what they see as better plans or better service. Some of them are changing their phone numbers and account address to make sure they follow their chosen direction.

Those concerned about how closely Verizon will determine which customers are divested and those who are not, need to note the $2 Million fine imposed by the Department of Justice on AT&T for improperly absorbing what should have been divested customers from the Cellular One/Dobson purchase. This means Verizon must step very carefully through their list of non-divested customers to avoid a similar fine.

For now, it appears your divested status will be based on the home market of your phone number. Keep in mind you could be a customer of Alltel, Unicel or Verizon itself and, depending on market, be divested. The good news is that if you are considered divested, you will eventually have the choice of Verizon or the new carrier. It's just that Verizon can't "adjust" that choice. That's "poaching".

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