Monday, January 12, 2009

Text Is Your Backup

Have you noticed that when you need to make a really important call, that's when your phone loses service? Especially for those of us who mostly talk on our phone, that's the time to consider Text. Text Messaging works when trying to contact any other wireless subscriber and all you need to know is their phone number. This is your backup for when there is a hurricane, you're in a bad coverage area, or you're at a convention and everybody else is using their phone.

Your phone will 'hold' the message until it can receive a clear signal, then sends it off. It is also an inexpensive way to communicate internationally as Text is billed at rates much lower than roaming voice calls. Additionally, you should become aware of how other callers can send a Text Message to you, in case the emergency is at their end.

If I had a problem, my wife would see a strange icon on her phone and wonder how to get rid of it. Explain Texting to your your family, especially incoming. Or just have the kids explain it. They are the kings of Text. As if you didn't already see that on your bill.

BTW, we added this to our cool list of Wireless Tips & Tricks.


Jason said...

While this is the case for some phones (saving them until reception improves), it is certainly not the case with all of them.

Oz Andrews said...

Good point. The phone holds the message until the channel is available, but it will only wait a specified period of time, and yes, that varies by phone model. I would not depend on a message being 'held' for more than a few minutes. I have at least one phone that will wait forever to send a message, so you should check to see when, and if, your message gets sent.

Anonymous said...

There are also some phones that if unable to send only store the message and you must manually go and resend the message. This is one of those things where a universal standard would be very welcome.