Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Commnet Buys CC Communications Cellular

Commnet Wireless, a division of Atlantic Tele-Network, has purchased the cellular network of CC Communications in Nevada. While CC has good coverage across western Nevada, it could be better. Commnet has promised to upgrade CC's network. Commnet has been expanding quite a bit over the last few years, but mostly as a roaming-only carrier. This acquisition makes them a "real" carrier with an extended presence across many small parts of the country. CC Communications will still be able to offer cellular service as part of their other communications packages.

CC currently offers CDMA phones and Commnet provides both CDMA and GSM service for roamers from most of their other sites. Since Verizon is taking over Alltel, the other cellular carrier in the area, Commnet may become the GSM roaming carrier in the neighborhood, maybe by just adding GSM to each of CC's 50 sites, like they have in much of Commnet's existing network.

We usually find it sad to lose an independent carrier, but this is a one for one deal that may lead to bigger things for Commnet. Wanna bet? (This is in Nevada, after all)

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