Thursday, January 8, 2009

Going Totally Wireless

Figures from both the wireless industry and the federal government report that the number of households that are wireless-only for their phone service has passed the 14% mark and may soon be 20%. This evolution is called "Wireless Substitution" and includes homes where only certain family members use a wired line.

We have created a web page just for those who are considering 'cutting the cord' and going totally wireless. There are a number of pros and cons and a few things to consider before making the leap. What surprised us is how much more expensive wireline service is in some markets. In this age of customers not only having the choice of wireless substitution but also separate IP (Internet Protocol) phone service, it's surprising that wireline phone companies continue to raise their prices.

Our phone company offers bundles, inclusing discounts if I pay for wireless through them, but their own phone service packages are nowhere near as inclusive as the features offered by the most basic wireless plan.

Oh, and there's that group of people who are just plain angry at their phone company, and for them, price is no object. We're with you on that one.

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