Thursday, January 7, 2010

More Unlimited News

I had the bright idea to split off Bill's Unlimited Plans Page at Mountain Wireless and create a new web site dedicated to Unlimited plans. It was a cool looking site, but I made mistakes that made advertisers avoid it. So I transferred all the new information and a few graphics back to the old Unlimited Page. Normally, creating a site out of a page is a good idea, but not this time.

Among the discoveries among Unlimited plans was how many Prepaid Unlimited plans are available, the wide variations of included features, and how cheap Unlimited can be ($25!). If you're paying more than $60 per month per line for a normal plan, you should consider the Unlimited alternatives, possibly with your current carrier and handset. And it's a good time to re-visit some of the outstanding local small carriers, most of which offer some form of Unlimited minutes, many with roaming minutes included.

I still don't talk that much.


Benjamin A said...

I spotted a new Net10 packaging at my Target store yesterday. Beside the standard packaged units were new ones with the name Net10 Unlimited. It was $50.00 per month for unlimited Talk, Text, Data, and 411. The phones were GSM so the guess is that coverage is the same as regular Net10. Unsure if it is true but the rep at Target told me that they were the only ones at this time carrying the new service. It would seem that Straight Talk has a GSM sister. Here we go Blue vs Red.

Scott W said...

Yes, the package has a brighter yellow color to make it stand out, and it is a competitive deal. We've been soft pedaling the offer since they won't let us make a commission on Unlimited phones. They had to do something, at $80 NET10 wasn't competitive. They now offer more coverage than AT&T GoPhone for less. NET10 says the phones are at Wal-Mart, Family Dollar and more, but may be rolling it out slowly.